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Vision: To create employment for our youths and build their capacity while we also create an enabling environment for fresh investors to come into the oil and gas sector.

Highlights: Early this year we had a conference in Warri on how to secure our oil and gas investments. It was a baby of the Governor, driven through our ministry that had all stakeholders in attendance. Based on the resolutions that we reached the conference, once the budget is uploaded, the action items on that communiqué will be focused on. Some of the action items are as follows; communities need to be integrated and partner with the oil companies, capacity needs to be built and investment needs to come in.

Going Forward:  His Excellency, the Governor has directed that all MoUs with oil companies in the State should be reviewed by this Ministry and the Office of the People Rights in the Attorney General’s Office. This is to ensure that we have MoUs that guarantee what the Local Content Act says about community participation in oil and gas activities. These oil companies must be corporately socially responsible to the communities they operate in.